John Tustin

Another Poem About You and About the Rain

I turn off the music and listen to the rain
And the sounds it makes
As it falls upon the leaves outside my window.
I go to the door and look outside,
Seeing the magic of the rain illuminated
In the passing headlights,
The street glistening like shards of glass in the spotlight.
How silly I must look standing in the doorway
In my pajama bottoms and t-shirt,
Raggedy man with hair askew and aged,
Staring out at the rain and the purple darkness –

Remembering a night long ago
When I kissed a woman who had all of the stars laid at her feet,
The oceans lapping at her fingertips,
The moon a crown she wore
As she smiled
Demurely in a night
Far less sad and maddening
But just
As lovely as this moment

How we kissed and we
Kissed and we


John TustinJohn Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many disparate literary journals in the last twelve years. The website,, contains links to his published poetry online.

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