Issue Seven

Up The River, Issue Seven


Up The River, Issue Seven Contributors

Alan Catlin
A Bridge Too Far
True Romance

Ann Howells
As The Crow Flies

Gerard Sarnat
Sex Worker’s Calendar Manifesto

Tobi Alfier
Sara’s Room
Annie’s Escape
Ghetto Heroes Square of Lost Gloves
Jane Doe on Page Six

Timothy B. Dodd

Corey Mesler

Shawna Norton
Evening Commutes

Roberta Gould
Revelation for Mona Toscano

Robert A. Miller
Speaking with Turtles
Meditating in New Hampshire

Matt Galletta
Dear Diary

Jeffrey Zable
The Slaughter House

John Grey
A Woman of Such Fabric

Mary Cuffe Perez
Green Wood
Fannie Farmer

David Romanda
Accidents Happen

Michael Estabrook
Mi Amigo

George Payne
Wild Rhubarb

Thomas Bonville
What if Everybody Got Gold Stars?

William Doreski
The Troupe of Famous Nudes

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