Issue Five

Albany Poets is very happy to announce the fifth issue of Up The River!

This issue of the journal was edited by Mary PanzaKevin Peterson, and Carissa Haberland.

Up The River, Issue Five is also available in print for just $10 on and will be available on Kindle and at Albany Poets events in January 2018.



Up The River, Issue Five Contributors

Jeffrey Alfier
Exiting a Bar in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Sevilla Winter

Cathy Barber
Midwest Elegy

Barbara Brooks
Shades of Gray

James Carr
Million Dollar Staircase

Alan Catlin
Pulp Fiction (2)
Finding Mr. Goodbar

Melody Davis
Mom Tells me There’s no Reason to Live

Michael De Rosa

John Dorsey
John Prine Never Wrote a Song About That
Flight Patterns

Claire T. Feild

Jonathan Greenhause
My Reincarnated Coworker’s Past Lives are to Blame

James Croal Jackson

Brianna Kehrer

Amber Lang
Cleaning After a Mess
Soccer Moms and Sluts

Robert A. Miller
Last Day at Lucht’s Farm

Mick Ó Seasnáin
FYI Professor:

Allison Paster-Torres
A Poem in Which I Say One Thing in Order to Make You Think Another

Richard King Perkins II

Tom Riley

Frank S. Robinson

David Spicer
Good Night Request

Gene Stearns
An Old Guy Thinks of Death About Twice a Day
Haiku 4

J. J. Steinfeld
A Minor Character, At That
Cloud-Shaped Words and Fragments of Memory

Jan Marin Tramontano
The Art of Losing

Dan Wilcox
Skinny Dipping

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