Issue Eight

Up The River, Issue 8


Up The River, Issue Eight Contributors

Emily Blair
on the last habitable day

Barbara Brooks
First and Last

David Lewizky
For Inez, Wherever She May Be

Ron. Lavalette
Some Things, Sometimes
Voice Activated

Tom Bonville
Before Breakfast
Grandfather’s Death

Leslie B. Neustadt
Ode to My Ass

Shawna Norton
Like Lightning
Raising Walls

Karen Wolf

Robert Halleck
Father In A Drawer

David Romanda
killing strangers
Fox Village

Judith Prest
Coming to Grips

John Tustin
Another Poem About You and About the Rain

Luis Pabon
Bottom Boy Blue

Jeff Bernstein
The Doctor Loses His Way on The 101

George Payne
Bengal Tracks
the world was born

Kevin Ridgeway
Backyard Apocalypse
Erased by Nostalgia
Mom Never Got a Boob Job
Dad Was a Needle Hype

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