Amber Lang

Cleaning After a Mess

I washed my skin
With the finest soap
And cleansed my hair
With potent perfume
Yet every hair and cell
Feels you on me

I rinsed my mouth
2x a day
Per the instructions
And doused my hands
In sanitizer
Yet my lips
Still sense your kiss and
My fingers are interspersed
With challenged recollections

I cleared my mind
With invisible peace
And replaced the blood
Flowing through my heart
Yet your words
Echo through the walls of my head


Soccer Moms and Sluts

According to you
There are two types of women
Soccer moms
And sluts
How dare your wife walk around
In a see-through dress and blue thong?

How would my husband feel
If I did that?
You assume I am married
That’s what makes me decent
You say

You tell me to keep getting pregnant
Until I have a son
And encourage me
To buy a mini-van

I ask if you realize
You are speaking to a woman
More educated than you
You tell me not to worry
You are a feminist
You coached a women’s flag football team
Back in the 70’s

Before you hang up
You remind me my body is god’s temple
Take care of it so I can have more children
You expect me to listen
Because you
Are a feminist


Amber LangAmber Lang lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and daughter.  She is currently pursuing her M.A. in literature at Our Lady of the Lake University.  Her non-fiction is pending publication in an anthology titled Marginalized Voices.  She is the assistant editor in chief for the Journal of Latina Critical Feminism.  Amber also writes her own blog titled Southern Satire.  In her free time Amber likes to paint flower pots and watch her favorite TV show, Supernatural.

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