John Sweet

one for you that finally feels like the truth

and i will be the
hateful man you never loved,
and our children will spend their
childhoods dreaming
of escape

mother’s day will
come and go

christmas will find you
weeping in the basement

all glory is imagined in this
age of shattered dreams


John Sweet has been dealing with the idea of POETRY AS CATHARSIS for about 30 years now and has sort of wrestled it to a draw. He is am fed up with/opposed to/ made violently ill by ideologies, dogma, political parties, reality tv, zealots, the cult of celebrity worship, organized religion, social media and the points where they all intersect.  On the bright side, he digs the surrealists, and is all for post-punk and sunlight.  Most recent collections are The Century Of Dreaming Monsters (2014 Lummox Press) and A Nation Of Assholes w/ Guns (2015 Scars Publications).

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