Wayne Murphy

I Love to Hate You

You sicken me
the filth on your face
tells me where you’ve been

Id’ rather crush your head
than climb into bed
next to you

Don’t wink at me
and try to be coy
I see right through your deceit

A decent person wouldn’t do so
but I suppose that
is not your forte

I don’t cry
I don’t even care
To me, you mean nothing anymore

I dream of choking you, at night
while you sleep, then
maybe I’d be happy

Keep it up
play your charade
soon I will walk away from you

But maybe I’ll stay and make your life
as miserable as you
have made mine


Wayne L Murphy was born in Mt. Kisco, NY, grew up in Dutchess County, and currently lives in Catskill. His latest challenge is to publish his first novel. Wayne has written three novels, a novella, and countless short stories, poems, and articles. Some of his favorite authors include Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, John Grisham, Alfred Lord Tennyson, William Butler Yeats, and Dr. Seuss. Wayne also enjoys playing soccer, watching sports, live music, and traveling.

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