A.C. Everson

Bad Daughter

It wasn’t Babette’s Feast
The last meal of Ma’s I tasted
Boiled pork chops with a side of
Microwave mashed potatoes
Ma could make awesome chow
Though sometimes not
(One of our many things in common)
Her next and last endeavor I declined
Which just goes to show
I’ve got bitch bad daughter in me
Not proud of that moment, no
The spring ended with Ma’s last
Foray to a local farms garden shop
Her last ride in a car
Her last step outside
Not counting her balcony
Was coaxed there a few times
Into the summer
Every last she had was followed by
My not completely shed tears
They pooled, did not fall
Others fell following my
Distraught thoughts of what
She could no longer do
Ah but she fools us all
With her strength and
Pure mule headedness
Not ready to go
And don’t you know
Today she read her emails
Replied to FB posts
Tomorrow she may join the ghosts
Of cousins, close friends gone before her
Tonight she watches/ sleeps to a movie
With her only grandson
While I bad daughter
Watch with breeze blowing softly
The ballet she taught me to love


A. C. Everson is a home grown poet, sculptor and performance artist who has performed and shown in the Albany area and abroad since 1994.  In 1995 A. C. started Breaking My Art where her poetry and piñatas are combined in what has been described as “awesome” performances. She has four self-published chap books of poetry. A. C. also has two self-produced CD’s of her poetry backed up by some of the Albany areas most talented musicians.

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