Christopher Grillo

Once I Wanted to Meld with You, But I fear I’ve Grown Too Hard

Ours was a five year hiatus

from what has only ever

felt natural to me.

And so I look across the table,

over my blood red cabernet

and your fair pinot,

and my dark eyes draw

their shield to your honey iris.

Please do not penetrate.

I have just fallen back

in love with me,

with my callous, and the

notion that there is little

about me that is easy;

that my skin doesn’t burn

it only leathers,

that my hair never lightens,

it only perseveres,

that my features are purposeful,

and never delicate.

And only our image reflected

off the screen door of your

daddy’s house,

as I gently guide you by the small

of your back and lace my fingers

to entangle yours the way I

draw tight the strings on steel reinforced boots,

Monday through Friday when

I’m not quite so polished

and your living free of the cold

that plagues November;

only then do I seem redeemable.


The Sound of Giving In

At first I only hear the drone,

that invidious drone,

that grows louder,

metastasizing from some place behind my heart

buried deep within my diaphragm.

It reverberates like church bells,

on the hour off my bones,

forcing organs to cling to

clavicle walls.

I wonder if it is borne

within me,

or if I breathed it through

the end of a cigarette;

the thick silence that lingers

in this truck cab.

I’ve never claimed to be

anything other than unwilling

to break the silence.

She has never claimed to mind.

It’s funny how we’ve digressed

from the trace of a Bushmills kiss

I left on her toungue, as I brush the hair

from her face that kept the light

from her eyes,

to this, an admission of truth

to my father’s mantra,

that anything can become work if you let it.


My name is Christopher Grillo and I am a writer/poet from New Haven County, CT. Currently I am enrolled in the MFA program at Southern Connecticut State University where I hold a Graduate Assistantship. I have been published in various literary journals regional to New Haven as well as having received a grant for Excellence in Poetry from Fairfield University.

Until recently, I have been scarcely published on the national level and have made a point to locate progressive journals such as yours to send too. I write with a focus on relationships and people with a background of Americana that I hope you will enjoy.

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