Kanchan Chatterjee


dark evening
sudden autumn rain
I had some plans



went to the woods
for meditation
it was too cold…



Alone at home reading
Drinking tea


it’s a new moon night

and the train was creeping slowly
through the ravines…

‘this whole area is infested by them leftists’
said the armed guard
while preparing some
chewing tobacco

shared it
with the four other guards

then they re-checked
their weapons

and waited…


Kanchan Chatterjee is a 44 year old male executive, working in the ministry of finance, government of India. Although he does not have any literary background he loves poetry and scribble as and whenever heĀ gets the inspiration. Some of his poems have been published by various online and print journals including Mad Rush, Eclectic eel, Decanto, Mad Swirl, Bare Hands Poetry, and Decades Review. He is one of those who has been nominated for the “Pushcart Prize’ in U.K.

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