Tess Lecuyer

Prompt Dates

  1. Walking not running toward beauty
  2. Finger puppet tragedies
  3. Pie when you are a kid vs. pie as an adult
  4. A robot with a butterfly for a heart
  5. A conversation between a lug nut and a scarecrow
  6. The thin skin on the inside of the wrist
  7. Fluffy skunk kits
  8. A moon tattoo on an old man’s ankle
  9. Even more annoying birds and their little clawed feet
  10. The awkward yet poignant relationship between the world’s supply of rice vinegar and one small blue fish
  11. Stained glass eyeballs on a broken brown doll
  12. Toes gone awry
  13. Pens that fly like dragonflies and bit hand deep crunch wrists and verbs
  14. A silk tablecloth on a cardboard box on a shadowed beach near a dimpled lake
  15. Elvis Presley working part time at a carwash
  16. A green olive’s last thoughts
  17. Hold a pencil in your teeth and draw a dirty picture on brown paper taped to old linoleum.
  18. Polaris reflected in the inner curve of a freshly licked spoon.
  19. A bright Exit sign between a door, a window, and a painting
  20. A fern lectures a willow tree
  21. That is the wrong dress. Seriously what do you think putting on that dress?
  22. The incredibly boring voice of the old oak beam
  23. Seventeen words in a list that rhyme less and less and less
  24. A tiny mirror bedazzled onto a denim vest lit only by an Elvira pinball machine
  25. A creaking tree branch that is not a creaking tree branch
  26. The ketchup that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever leave the bottle
  27. Things that are Only
  28. A poem that will make your mother cry, and not in a good way
  29. An arsenal made entirely of bread products
  30. Using the word “fritter” as a noun and then a verb
  31. What chipmunks think of roller coasters
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