Michael Estabrook

Mi Amigo

We’re at the rental place at the beach.
3 AM I’m up reading
waiting for the pain pills to kick in
(back legs shoulders arms from fighting
the waves and the woods)
when I notice a giant spider crawling
across the ceiling heading our way.
Normally I capture
these hairy guys release them outside
where they belong but too much
brouhaha for this time of night
would wake my exhausted wife.
So I stealthily (with great stealth)
swat the thing down
with a throw pillow but now
I can’t find it. WTF!
I move the nightstand there he is!
Clobber him into 10 pieces with my shoe.
Mission accomplished! Now back to sleep.
The Devil, who I hadn’t noticed
has been watching me with that stupid
I-just-planted-a-spider-in-your-room grin
exclaims “Well done mi amigo”
and poof he’s gone again, bastard.

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