Frank S. Robinson

Five Small Words

It’s the essence of eloquence
To pack the greatest meaning
In the fewest words.
None ever were more eloquent
Than “grab them by the pussy.”
Just five small words,
Speaking volumes,
Of crass vulgarity,
Of infidelity;
Conveying his contempt
For human beings
Other than himself.
Not just those he grabs,
But those who hear his words.
And it isn’t only him, it’s us.
We who chose him.
Not a shining city on a hill,
But a squalid slum in a swamp.
Someday they’ll build
His monument,
The hugest, greatest ever,
With letters twelve feet high,
Chiseled in stone, proclaiming
His eternal truth:
“Grab them by the pussy.”


Frank RobinsonFrank S. Robinson is a graduate of NYU Law School (1970), and served at the New York Public Service Commission as staff counsel and then administrative law judge (1977-97). He is the author of eight books including Albany’s O’Connell Machine(1973), Children of the Dragon (a novel), The Case for Rational Optimism (2009), and Love Poems. Robinson is a professional coin dealer.  He is married to the poet Therese Broderick and has a daughter, Elizabeth. Robinson was appointed to the U.S. Assay Commission by President Nixon in 1972. In 1969, he was the first man to walk on the moon.

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