Nancy Klepsch

A Queer Horse

I am a queer horse
A brave hard mount in
a hard brave world
My long lean legs have
carried me to Mecca Jerusalem
and Mumbai
I have galloped in the waters
of the Mediterranean
drank her deep blue ocean
felt her waves upon my lips
And now
I’m that queer horse
Curlicued and off balance
I forget I forgot I have forgotten
how to
run unsaddled
a fresh field


Nancy KlepschNancy Klepsch is a local poet and a teacher.   Her poems have been published in Oberon, 13th Moon, Poetry magazine, Salvage, 200 Proof  and Chronogram among others, and online on Barzakh and Albany Poets.  She has been reading at featured readings or open mics in the Albany area for the past 20 years.  Klepsch is the co-host, with Dan Wilcox, of the Second Sunday @ 2 open mic for poetry and prose in Troy, NY.

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