Samson Dikeman

Things to do in a Sonnet

for Ted Berrigan

the first thing to do is fall in love
with a typewriter
find an appreciation for something tactile
learn to crave the way skin feels on skin
always use a metaphor
steal one if you must
drink a Pepsi
spend the sugar rush typing
then throw it all away
hang this month’s centerfold above your desk
consider the term “airbrushed nipples”


is she worth it?
if yes
think Shakespearian
if no
think Petrarchan, then have a night on the town
get drunk
call your ex on the telephone and ask if her refrigerator is running
take the day off and regret
find solace in black coffee
smoke American Spirits
now you’re ready to begin


Samson Dikeman grew up in Altamont, NY and now lives in Albany, NY.  His work has been published in the Rain, Party, and Disaster Society.

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