Adam Tedesco

Adam Tedesco

Pay Me No Mind

I am just the pen
Just the page
The disappearing ink
Commit no stain to memory

I am just the hand
The surgical steel
Cutting through skin
The muscle and sinew

I am just a sanguine rivulet
Trembling past sea-green cloth
To the cold white floor

I’m here in the rubber soles
Of the shoes worn
By the man that mops the floor

I am red round and raised
One inch above and to the
Left of his genitals

I am an identical blemish
Within the cleft of the
Buttock of she who he met
Once on a starless night
Six years ago this autumn

I am cellulose and protein
Now darkened in the silken
Pockets of her entrails

I am the leaves of salad
She dined on two day prior
The water absorbed in capillary action

Just the sun the fed the plant

I am the grey cloud that obscured
The sun from your sight

I am the bolt of lightning
That turned a young man
To a corpse as he danced
At 8:35pm on August 2nd
11 years ago tomorrow

I am the warm and cold fronts
That met over Albany and traveled
To Chinatown earlier that day

I am the sound that mans mouth once made

I am just a man swimming
Even earlier that day
11 years ago
When the sun still shone

Pay me no mind

I am all these things

And more

Not the least of which is you

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