Elizabeth Gordon

The Cats of Cohoes

The man who drove down from Alaska
to start his daughter at the polytechnic
stays, takes 2 cats.

Our landlords have 4 indoor,
3 outdoor and shifting population
of fostered cats.

Given the low low rents
and the Cerniak’s relentlessness
most tenants acquiesce to 1 cat

at least. A starter cat.
Some apartments
come with cat.

These June nights, a teenaged girl
screams her orgasms
from the hedge. A cat

in heat Bonnie (3 cats) says,
says she fucks for twenties.
Connie (4 cats)

says All that shit and fizzle she’ll be
knocked up soon enough.
Two months here I (1 cat,

new) finally see the white skunk
nosing for grubs by moonlight,
a skunk who likes the cats

of Cohoes, Helen (allergic) tells me,
a skunk who sprays only drunks
and teenaged girls

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