Howie Good

Fear and Trembling

Others look at us as if they still can’t decide whether we’re suspects or victims. An old pair of sneakers dangles from the power line like a clue. Everything, as the first law of ecology states, is connected, the whoosh of cars and an involuntary hard-on and also the shadowy approximation of a halo. The worst problem isn’t the fear. It’s the trembling. If we begin to run, the neighborhood dogs object. I can’t remember now why I ever thought this was just another one of those movies about two damaged people who find each other.


Ambient Noise

The turmoil is invisible. I click a link to See Translation. Soon everyone I love may be half-deaf from the long-term effects of ambient noise – guns and blood and dead girls. Language itself is a kind of treachery. Why perhaps a horse’s ears quiver. I’m wise enough not to say what I think, but not wise enough not to think it.

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