Jared Duran

We Are So Interesting and Cool

Let us get together, sit around, and talk of nothing.

Please, let us selfie ourselves into sweet oblivion.

We are so interesting and cool,
everyone wants to see my face—
and then again in negative,
and now with my hair parted on the other side.

If ignorance is bliss, this is pure nirvana.

To love is human, but to ‘like’ is divine.

Let us send each other YouTube links
while we sit side by side and never once
look into the other’s eyes.

Why would I when you’re right
here in your update that informs the world
you are here with me.

I love being with you so much I can’t wait to text you.

All the while, nations collapse and coalesce
and decide to throw stones at themselves
just to see if anyone gives a good god damn.

But that’s not the sort of thing that is going to trend,
because it ain’t ever gonna noun if it can’t verb,
and it ain’t social if it ain’t anti.

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