Max Henderson

Odd, Proud Moments

A single internet comment, praising
my skills in handling a fajita.
Hand stands in sands.
Looking down, for the first time
at my father from a podium.
Losing, but gaining
some degree of respect.
The second time I awoke
after a wet dream.
Making a pancake
without it burning.
to take out the trash
after too often forgetting.
Sitting in the movie theater
with my brother, watching
him grow up in small, gradual ways.
Speeding, without getting caught.
Telling her the first time
I wanted to kiss her
even if I didn’t, yet.
Quitting, instead of being fired;
and, on a different occasion,
making them fire me instead.
Finally learning
to put down the glass
and know the limits.
Ripping off the cast.
Knowing exactly the right words
to say, for exactly one moment.
It was ‘bodily functions’,
and I like not explaining it.

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